Our History

In 1885 Some Islanders decided to take their destiny in hand
High premiums paid out of Province, it was time to take a stand
It was decided a Mutual company is what they needed to establish
Affordable Insurance Coverage for friends and neighbors, not to lavish
Prince Edward Island Agricultural Mutual Fire Insurance Company was named
Providing better and more personal service was their aim
This bold undertaking was so overwhelming
But this company was limited to only handle farming
There was still a non-farm clientele who had to insure out of Province
The members agreed to form a related Company, they were convinced
In 1899 the new Company PEI Mutual Fire Insurance Company originated
The two companies worked closely together and in 1941 were united
Expansion now enables us to insure Residential,
Commercial and Fishing Boats as well
Modern technology has made for better service for this product to sell
Educating our public on Fire safety is another of our goals
Our Policyholders are what count, this is true for new and old
Personal service, those kitchen table visits, may distinguish us from the rest
The field agents and office staff continue to provide service at their best
For 136 years this company has successfully survived
Thriving to keep the dream of our Founders alive
Devotion and Determination of ordinary people gave this Company its start
Let's strive to keep it strong for the next generation,
Everyone can do their part.